Miniature Cyclists

Kraft Doosje

Belgium and Great-Brittain

Every UCI WORLD TOUR cyclist 2019 now here available. Buy diecast cyclists on line. An offer for young and old, die-cast model cyclists in the jersey of your choice, hand-painted. There is also the option of buying cyclists in the jersey of your own choice. Choose now from our web shop. Our hand-painted die-cast cyclists are made of Zamak, this is an zinc-aluminium alloy.

On request

We offer all shirts, as we have the classics (yellow, green and polka dot jersey) and the existing brand sweaters. Of course, a wave of nostaligia could sweep over you, so, at your request request, we simply paint the retro jersey of your your youth's cycling team or of a Tour de France's forgotten hero. Ideal as a gift for a cycling enthousiast. For a birthday or a joyful party, a personalized die-cast rider always comes first.


Large orders, as a promotional gift for your customers with your logo or emblem on the back or on a box'packaging, are possibilities. Once you made your choice, you can order via the order form. You will receive a confirmation of your order. After receiving the payment, your order wil be send by courier.
Cyclistes Leon has been the official distributor of the die-cast cyclists of FONDERIE ROGER for Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany since 2011.